Problem with Strompi GUI

hi there , 

i m currently having a problem with the Strompi 3 . 

First off all the minicom can't take any key input to start the console . 

2/ when running the am getting an error on line 66 "could not convert string to float " 

i checked the serial port shell is disabled and all the steps listed is done the right way i think . 


the strom pi is also not set up in flash mode or somthing like that . 


the serial connection . 


python script error . 


if anyone have an idea on how to solve the problem please let me Know . 

Thank you 


28.06.22 22:26

Hi Aym3nk,

I had the very same issue and in my case the root cause was my misunderstanding of how the strompi is powered. Actually I thought it also would be powered over GPIO and just powered RPi + Strompi over the RPi‘s USB port. That’s obviously not working, the Strompi always has to be powered directly via mUSB, wide range or battery.

Maybe that’s also the issue at your side?




01.07.22 08:45

Hello Aym3nk,

what christoph said could be a possible cause.
Otherwise it often helps to flash the microcontroller again with the latest firmware.

Best regards 

Tim (Joy-IT)


01.07.22 10:07

thanks everyone . But that does not change that the python script for the GUI interface  has an error . 

best regards 


05.07.22 21:31

Hello Aym3nk,

this error message indicates a problem with serial communication.

We recommend trying our latest image to rule out a hardware defect. 

Best regards 

Tim (Joy-IT)


08.07.22 10:01