Shutdown -h now on power failure does not power off Rasberry 4 completely

I'm manually installing the software on a pre-build StromPi 3 and case on a Raspby 4 B. Installed the, and it works, but only half.

Here is my setting:

Time: 15:11:04
Date: Sunday 21.11.21
StromPi-Output: mUSB
StromPi-Mode: mUSB -> Battery
Raspberry Pi Shutdown: Enabled
 Shutdown-Timer: 30 seconds
Powerfail Warning: Disabled
Serial-Less Mode: Disabled
Power Save Mode: Disabled
PowerOn-Button: Enabled
 PowerOn-Button-Timer: 30 seconds
Battery-Level Shutdown: 10%
Powerfail-Counter: 45
PowerOff Mode: Disabled
WakeUp-Alarm: Disabled
 Alarm-Mode: Time-Alarm
 Alarm-Time: 00:00
 Alarm-Date: 01.11
 WakeUp-Alarm: Monday
 Weekend Wakeup: Enabled
 Minute Wakeup Timer: 30 minutes 
PowerOff-Alarm: Disabled
 PowerOff-Alarm-Time: 00:00
Interval-Alarm: Disabled
 Interval-On-Time: 00 minutes
 Interval-Off-Time: 00 minutes
Wide-Range-Inputvoltage:  not connected
LifePo4-Batteryvoltage: 3.33V [100%] [charging]
microUSB-Inputvoltage: 5.16V
Output-Voltage: 5.104V
Firmware Version: b'v1.72c\n'

If I pull the plug for testing, the HDMI-output immediatly closes down. However, I can still control the Raspberry with a VCN-client, while running on battery. After the set time  in (10 sec), a kind of shutdown is initiated. The VNC-connection goes down. But the Raspberry keeps powered, and I can even ping it, until the StromPi shuts down after 30 sec.

Spend quite a few hours on testing and trying, but with no success.

What most amazes me, is that when I give the shutdown command in the console while running on battery, the Raspberry doesn't shut down completely either. When running on power, no problem.

Any ideas or tips for testing or trying?


John Heijens

21.11.21 16:02


thank you for your message.

It is certainly strange that the Raspberry Pi is not turned off properly.

Have you tried reflashing the firmware onto the StromPi? If there is a problem with the StromPi it is possible that it can be fixed that way.

Using our pre configured StromPi image could also be worth a try. That way we can find out whether defective hardware is causing the problem.

You can find the necessary files in the download section of this page.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler


22.11.21 16:48


I want to install a rather heavy loaded Domiticz server on the Rpi, therefore I tried to install an image without too much stuff. It gave reported problems without installing any programs yet.

Following your advice I changed to your pre configured image,and that worked, so the firmware seems to be OK.

However, after installing resp. Samba, DeCONZ and Domoticz, I seem to run into the same problem. I will try again and install them one by one, and try to find out which one is the culprit. I'll keep you informed.

John Heijens

23.11.21 19:50