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Hi there,
I use the strompi3 and the battery-hat with the wide-range input. I set the input-voltage to 10V but the console reports a voltage of 31.468V.

Furthermore, the strompi does not seem to switch from wide-range to battery. When I disconnect the wide range-input the raspberry-Pi switches off. Shouldn’t it stay on until the battery is empty?
The battery has a voltage of 3,645V

Any suggestions?

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Hi Christian,
sorry for my late reply – I’ve the same guess like you, that the transition between the powersources doesn’t work because of the wrong voltages measured by the ADC.
When you contact me through my email at j.ciszewski@joy-it.net or give me a call at 00492845936050  (working hours 09:00-17:30, please ask to forward you to Jarek), then we can go through a check why there is a problem in the voltage measurements.
Alternatively you can also contact us for a uncomplicated RMA Replacement process.
Best Regards,

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christian (anonymous) 0 Comments

My last post has an error. Mode 1 and mode 3 ist working. So every mode with wide input involved is not working because the voltage ist measured wrong.
Even when the wide input is not connected, the stm32 reads never lower that ~20V. In that case the strompi does not switch to the alternative power source (battery or usb) and thus the RPi goes out.
Is there a more detailed schematic?

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christian (anonymous) 0 Comments

Further investibations show more problems.
mode 1 – works, no battery attached
mode 2 – RPi ist powered via wide-Input but when wide-Input is disconnected RPi goes out. No battery attached.
mode 3 – RPi ist powered via mUSB but when mUSB is disconnected RPi goes out.
mode 4 – RPi ist powered via wide but when  wide is disconnected RPi goes out.
When NO battery is attached the show-status command displays a battery voltage of over 4V (~4,1V [100%] charging). The wide input voltage is still displayed wrong. With the battery attached the voltage looks good (~3,4V [100%] charging).

Any suggestions?

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