StromPi3 + RPI4 + Serial-Less Mode


I am struggling with the Serial less mode. I managed to activate it properly but have following issues:

  • Serial less mode is after each reboot deactivated. This means I can establish a connection via UART with the StromPI3. Is this on purpose or a bug? I need always to start script But this I want to avoid!
  • I connected Reset-Pin to two different GPIO pins (21 and 20). But both pins always have value HIGH; regardless if primary or secondary power source is used. I tried the provided script and also reading the pin values with different tools.

I am using latest Raspbian Version and Firmware 1.72 for StromPI3. In serial mode power failure detection works fine.

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Hi Michael,
I wish you good luck. We are pleased, if we can help our customers to realize their projects. If you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Nils (Joy-IT)

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