StromPi V3: No power at all but sspc is working


For some reason I can’t reply to this: but that problem fixed itself when I had strompi unpowered over a night.
Now I have new problem that my Strompi can’t power my Pi at all (Same Pi, Same Strompi, Same battery all the time just reinstalled raspbian).
I have 12VDC on wide, MicroUSB is powered too and adc-output on sspc says that battery is 3.268V and 100% but I can only use Pi if I connect Microusb directly to the Pi.
There is also no leds on at my Strompi so it’s complete blackout except that sspc is working normally.

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Hi Whig,
this sounds like your StromPi 3 is faulty. Please contact either or via phone +49 2845 9060 50 for exchange. Alternatively, you can also contact your seller for exchange. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Best regards.
Nils (Joy-IT)

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