strompi log shows shutdown and powerback on loop


hello , i am using strompi3 with joy-it battery , i followed your manual on how to install and use the strompi features. I used „sudo minicom -D /dev/serial0 -b 38400“ to acces strompi console but i can’t type in the sspc command cause i have these two line showing in an undless loop :
i tried to reboot but now it is blocked on endless loop and the only way to start it up again is to remove strompi and batterie
can you help me with this issue? i tried the recovery mode for raspberry and installing everything again but i always face the same issue.
thank you

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Hi imed,

is there a way to factory reset strompi so i can start fresh ?

Yes, you can factory reset the StromPi 3 by rewriting the firmware.

Best regards
Nils (Joy-IT)

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