Saving configuration settings between restart?


What method is recommended for saving a settings change between total reboot of system? I notice after setting the strompi-mode (with latest firmware version 1.72c) that upon power reboot the mode is switched back to factory default. Is there a way to make the mode change permanent?


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Hello Nathan,
you are using the wrong serial port. It should be „stm32flash /dev/serial0 -w … “ and not
„stm32flash /dev/serial1 -w …“.
Best regards
Tim (Joy-it)

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nathan (anonymous) 0 Comments

Is there more information on how to setup the strompi for flashing, beyond what is already mentioned in the manual. I get this error:
* devices off
* First put Cap jumper to „off“ position
* Put flash jumper to „On“ position
* Put „auto“ jumper to „off“ position
* Powered RPI and StromPi with seperate USB cables.
* Then tried:

root@raspberrypi:~# stm32flash /dev/serial1 -w "./StromPi3_Firmware_V1.72c_Main_06.05.2020/Newest Firmware/Firmware 1.72c Main Version/RB-StromPi3.bin" -b 9600
stm32flash 0.5
Using Parser : Raw BINARY
Interface serial_posix: 9600 8E1
Failed to send init to device

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Hello Nathan,
normally the settings of the StromPi are only reset after the firmware is flashed and not after every restart of the device.
We recommend flashing the latest firmware version again to exclude a hardware defect.
If the problem persists, you can exchange the device at your local distributor or directly contact us.
Best regards
Tim (Joy-it)

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