Resolution of Alarm-Time and PowerOff-Alarm-Time only in minutes?


I’m currently working with firmware version 1.7 using strompi-mode 3.
It is my goal to ensure that after loss of the primary power source the Raspberry Pi shuts down and the StromPi as well a short time after that. I fear that if there happens a PowerBack event after the RaspberryPi has begun to shutdown the StromPi does not. In this situation the re-attching of the primary power source does not boot the RasperryPi.
I assume that setting a PowerOff-Alarm-Time in the near future would ensure the powering off of the StromPi. BUT I can see that the PowerOff-Alarm-Time does not take seconds? Is that an error in the documentation? Why would it not be possbile to set a PowerOff-Alarm-Time with a resolution of 1 second?
Overall, is my way of tackling the problem stringent? As the documentation was rather rudimentary this has been my approach so far.
Regards, Armin

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Hi Jarek,
great, thank you, I was now able to verify my scripted configuration of StromPi including my custom configs.
Thank you very much.
Best regards, Armin

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