Raspbery with Strompi stops working after X minutes


I’ve connected the V3 StromPi on a Raspberry 3 and I’m using a 12Volt power supply. The power supply is originating from a car battery (but this time inside a boot), from the battery I’m using a 12V DC DC converter. The output of this converter (12V) is connected to the StomPi.
The problem is that when I boot up the Raspberry everything looks fine, the Raspberry boots perfectly and I can use the mouse, start an application etc. Unfortunately after 2 to 3 mins (roughly) the Raspberry suddenly stops completely. Nothing is working anymore. The blue HDMI led is switched off and the monitor has a black screen.
Any idea what is happening? Can the StromPi handle 12V as input? Will the Raspberry be powered with a good stable supply from the StromPi? How can I debug/analyse this problem?
Please help as I don’t know how to address/analyse this problem?
Thanks. Rene.

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After the update of the firmware, reboot of the Raspberry and a walk through over the configuration I managed to get it working. I’ve connected a 12V power supply to the Wide Range input and the Raspberry keeps working (no shutdown). The StromPi3_Status python script is now also working, see output below.
pi@openplotter:~ $ sudo python StromPi3_Status.py
Time: 00:02:32
Date: Tuesday 01.05.18
StromPi-Mode: Wide -> mUSB
WakeUp-Alarm: Disabled
Alarm-Mode: Time-Alarm
Alarm-Time: 00:00
Alarm-Date: 01:01
WakeUp-Alarm: Monday
PowerOff-Alarm: Disabled
PowerOff-Alarm-Time: 00:00
Raspberry Pi Shutdown: Disabled
Shutdown-Timer: 10 seconds
Powerfail Warning: Enabled
Serial-Less Mode: Disabled
Interval-Alarm: Disabled
Interval-On-Time: 00 minutes
Interval-Off-Time: 00 minutes
Battery-Level Shutdown: Disabled
Firmware Version: v1.5
Wide-Range-Inputvoltage: 12.158V
LifePo4-Batteryvoltage: not connected
microUSB-Inputvoltage: not connected
Output-Voltage: 5.119V
pi@openplotter:~ $

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