Many issues with new strompi v3…


Hi, I just bought two strompi 3 but immediately encountered a number of problems that I hope you can help me further with.

  • One of the strompi’s when connected shows the blue light but it simply does not turn on the rpi. The red light of the rpi never turns on. I think it is faulty. What to do? It did work when initially connected and all I did is start the screen command.
  • Using the screen command I was able to show the strompi console on the other strompi. However, it often just shows gibberish with letters everywhere
  • (see
  • or is not responsive. This does not depend on the rpi as I have tested it on several rpi’s.
  • With the screen command I can set certain commands but even though I type it in perfectly it still says it does not recognise the command.
  • When I type ‚quite‘ in the console nothing happens, I just get a blank screen
  • Is there a way to show the firmware version and how can I upgrade it when a new firmware is available?
  • Because the screen function with strompi is so buggy I would like to just set the startup and poweroff values with python. Is this possible? Do you have example scripts?
  • To let you know, there are many spelling errors in the manuals and the english and german manual are not identical..

I was really looking forward to the strompi for a couple months but am not really that satisfied, especially with one of the two strompi’s not working anymore and having all the issues with just getting simple commands to work. I hope you can provide me with the needed support.

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Jarek (Joy-IT) (anonymous) 0 Comments

Hi joljols,
I’m sorry that your experience with the StromPi3 didn’t start well – we will help you to sort the mentioned problems out.
Like Klaus proposed, the unstable serial communication can be explained by the missing parameter of the baudrate in the screen command.
At the faulty StromPi3: Can you check if the Jumper for the flash-mode (that one, which is near the big usb-port) is turned on?
This behaviour of the Blue Led indicates that the StromPi3 can be in this mode.
As for the Firmware-Flashing procedure, you can check the manuals included in the v1.4 following this link:
(the mentioned problems by Klaus has been cleared out in the meantime)
Thank you for the note with the instructions – in the next few days we’ll go through them an improve the documention.
Best Regards,

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Klaus (anonymous) 0 Comments

Hi joljols,
I had some trouble too when I started with StromPi3, so just a few hints. I got very good support from the joy-it people :-). They also provide new funtionality as needed.

  • Did you run the screen command on an unmodified Raspian version? I had (and still have) problems with my productive installation. So I’m changing my SD-Card when changing the firmware or configuration to an unmodified one.
  • „gibberish“: did you add the communication speed to the screen command?
  • „quit(e)“: There won’t be a message, the communication ended. Just type CTRL-a and then \ to leave the screen command and return to your shell.
  • The new firmware can show the firmware version. Yust read the manual and changelog on
    There is a manual for changing the firmware in the downloaded zip file. Be careful with version 1.4. I currently have problems with the python script (faulty information in and have do do some tests before discussing it in the forum.
  • Read the documentation and do have a look on the different scripts on the download tab. You can modify them step by step to fit your needs (while startup will be tricky, I guess)
  • Don’t give up ;-).

Regards Klaus

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