how to restart raspberry when the power is back


Hello , i am using strompi 3 with latest framework on raspberry 4 with two sources of alimentation :

1 : mUSB

2 : Strompi V3 battery HAT joy it

i followed the tutorial for the installation and configuration but there is still one thing i don’t understand and can’t impliment ; i am now able to swich to secondary source aka battery and shutoff raspberry after 60 seconds BUT it dosnt restart when the power is back on ..

what am i doing wrong ? what mode should i choose ? serial ou serialess ?

thank you in advance 🙂

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Hello Tate

We have discussed your proposal but we have decided not to include this function.
If the StromPi is configured properly, the chance that the power supply returns exactly between both shutdowns is very small. The shutdown time in the script should be just enough to shut down the raspberry pi before the shutdown timer of the StromPi expires.
You could add a function to cover this time period, but this would also complicate the programming of the other functions and may disturb the serial communication.
Of course, you are free to add this function for yourself, since the source code of the firmware is published on GitHub.

Best regards

Tim (Joy-it)

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