Flashes scheitert mit „Failed to init device“


Hallo zusammen,
leider scheitert das Flashen bei mir mit „Failed to init device“. Den Schreibfehler in der config.txt habe ich schon korrigiert.

$ sudo stm32flash /dev/serial0 -w RB-StromPi3_Rev17102018_FixTimer_v1.21.binary -b 9600
stm32flash 0.5
Using Parser : Raw BINARY
Interface serial_posix: 9600 8E1
Failed to init device.

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Jarek (Joy-IT) (anonymous) 0 Comments

Dear John,
I’m sorry to hear from the trouble you had with the Firmware-Update. Did you try to do the update with a fresh installled Raspian Image to the SD Card (with the modified /boot/config.txt [dtovertlay=…])?
Also I’d doublecheck if the jumper of the Flash-mode is put to the „On“-Position before the StromPi3 is powered by the additional mUSB cable.
Best Regards,

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