STROMPI 3 : BatteryVoltage 0.512Vnothing


I am using several Strompi3s and one of them seems not to be charging the battery.
Strompi status is:

Time: 20:46:13
Date: Tuesday 01.05.18

StromPi-Output: Wide

StromPi-Mode: Wide -> mUSB -> Battery

Raspberry Pi Shutdown: Enabled
 Shutdown-Timer: 120 seconds

Powerfail Warning: Enabled

Serial-Less Mode: Enabled

Power Save Mode: Disabled

PowerOn-Button: Disabled

 PowerOn-Button-Timer: 30 seconds

Battery-Level Shutdown: Disabled

Powerfail-Counter: 0

PowerOff Mode: Disabled
WakeUp-Alarm: Disabled
 Alarm-Mode: Time-Alarm
 Alarm-Time: 00:00
 Alarm-Date: 01.11
 WakeUp-Alarm: Monday
 Weekend Wakeup: Disabled
 Minute Wakeup Timer: 30 minutes

PowerOff-Alarm: Disabled
 PowerOff-Alarm-Time: 00:00

Interval-Alarm: Disabled
 Interval-On-Time: 00 minutes
 Interval-Off-Time: 00 minutes

Wide-Range-Inputvoltage: 14.961V
LifePo4-Batteryvoltage: 0.503Vnothing
microUSB-Inputvoltage: 4.447V
Output-Voltage: 5.983V

How can i make it work please ?

Thank you.



08.06.21 06:30

Hello emgi,

thank you for you message.

Is the Battery hat charging when you connect it to another StromPi?
In that case it seems like a problem with the StromPi.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler


08.06.21 15:49